If you are planning on improving your property or building a new home, it is important to start with a budget and a specification. Having a detailed idea of cost before the plans are completed is essential to every successful job. Commercial or Domestic.

As general builders we realise the importance of specifications and engineering beforehand. We will provide you with realistic figures and specifications to help you achieve the desired look and functionality with your budget.

We at Property Projects will ensure that your project will be unique and well constructed. If you are thinking about building, we would be happy to prepare a quotation for you and show you in more detail how to begin a project efficiently and effectively without compromising quality.

Listed Building
Restoration / Conversion

New and Grand
Designed Properties

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We Specialise in...

Property Projects Ltd specialise in restoration and conversion of listed buildings and also carry out new and grand designed properties. We can carry out all aspects from design and planning to carpets and curtains.

We pride ourselves on the use of renewable energy within our projects including solar, ground source and air source pumps.